viernes, 16 de mayo de 2008

Christian Serratos actualiza su Myspace

Christian Serratos, Angela en Twilight, actualiza su Myspace con un nuevo blog, en el que nos cuenta que ya está de regreso después del rodaje. Da las gracias por los mensajes y cuenta algo del tiempo entre otras cosas. Puedes leerlo a continuación o en su blog.

Hi everyone,

It's so great to be back home! Yet I do miss being in Oregon. What a change in the weather. It's crazy hot here in LA. So far off from the weather in Oregon. It was gorgeous out there. Some of the locations were fairy tale like. Catherine, production and everyone involved were amazing. Filming was great!

First, thanks for all your great messages and letters. It really does mean a lot. I still had a bit to do on my days off. I had my two pupps Gorilla and Uffie with me. Those of you with dogs know they are another job altogether. Then I had some study work. So I'm just now getting to go thoroughly through my inbox.

I'm still running through photos from Oregon. I'll try and post more soon.

Lots of love,


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