viernes, 9 de mayo de 2008

Stephenie Meyer actualiza su Myspace + ScullingOnSquam

Stephenie Meyer actualiza de nuevo su Myspace dejándonos un nuevo mensaje.

Thanks, KC

I'm off to Texas (with no intentions of messing with it, let me assure you) in a few minutes. Before I leave Kansas City, I wanted to say thanks to all the amazing fans who showed up last night. Thanks for being so cool and so patient, and for laughing at my jokes. I wish I could spend some more time in KC--it's gorgeous here! Tulips grow right up out of the ground and everything.

A note: I believe Kansas City now holds the record for the most male readers in attendance (somewhere around 35). Awesome.

Also: it took about four hours to get through the signing line last night. Just something to keep in mind if you're number 1000 at an event.


Y gracias a Twilight Lexicon:
ScullingOnSquam contesta a varias preguntas sobre su visita al set.

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