lunes, 5 de mayo de 2008

Twilight Lexicon habla con Justin Chon

Un miembro de Twilight Lexicon ha tenido la oportunidad de hablar con Justin Chon, actor que interpreta a Eric. No hay fotos de acuerdo al reglamento, pero es un reportaje interesante.
Os lo dejamos a continuación.

I arrived at the Director’s Guild building at 3:30, I got there, I sort of wandered, looking for him for about 10 minutes until I finally asked a guy who was on the staff and doing interview work, he went into the theater (where they were showing some film) and looked for him, then went out, got me in, and in about a few seconds of entering the theater I got to sit down and talk with Justin and his publicist (in spite of not having a ticket to the film of which they were showing, I thank the helpful staff member for getting me in). I’m friends with a good friend of Justin’s, and told them I knew Ben (the friend) and we all sat down and started talking for 20 minutes (just in case anyone wants to know, they are extremely interesting and nice people). I told them I was a huge fan of Twilight and wrote a screenplay for the book, and they were pretty interested in that. Justin asked me about my version of Eric in the script, which went something along the lines of this:

Justin: So, how did you write Eric’s part in your script?
Me: Um, like it was in the book…*distresses over Eric’s relatively minor role*
Justin: Nonexistent?
Me: Sort of…

He was fine with it, he just sort of laughed about it. We continued to talk about scripts, the film, Catherine Hardwicke, the fan base (his publicist, Anthony Turk, said it was a "crazy fanbase", which he was blown away by), and all the hype surrounding the movie. I told them I got Justin’s announcement on the Lexicon, and they were very pleased about that part. It was, in total, a very great experience to meet one of the cast members of Twilight.

Reportaje original aquí.

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